First complete the Design Process. When you have completed the Design Process, ATD Homes can move forward and start making your project come true.

ATD Homes complete and sign the contract based on your fixed price quotation, plans, engineering designs and specifications.

Upon return of your signed contract, specifications, and balance of deposit, your project will be scheduled for a start date.

The first stage of the payment schedule is paying a percentage deposit of the contract price, which starts the application process for your building permit.

Other documentation required from you at this stage will include:

  • Certificate of Title,
  • Plan of Sub-Division and Proof of Ownership.

Obtaining the permit may take 3-6 weeks.


Completion: Completion of the work quoted: roofing materials, cladding, windows, doors, storm water connection etc.
Will be a stage of payment worked out to a percentage of the contract price. Final Payment